5 Serious Myths About Passive Income and Online Business

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Blog based businesses are not the majority of online business opportunities. It’s worth reminding yourself that blog-based conversations about entrepreneurship will always overrepresent ideas about blogging.

As someone who is currently earning passive income off businesses that don’t have an important blogging element, I wanted to weigh in with some alternatives to commonly held opinions in the business blogosphere.

Myth #1. Truly passive income is not possible.

Reality: It’s possible.

I hear this a lot. I’m not sure why. It’s 100% possible and I know a bunch of people, including me and my business partner who are walking proof. People have been earning passive income for milleniums. If you find yourself arguing about this point, I’d have to ask to what end? Passive income as a category is useful and it ought to be used to refer to any type of income you receive that requires minimal effort to upkeep.

As a fun blogosphere aside– anyone who has mistook the 4 Hour Work Week to advocate working for only four hours a week is due for a re-read. Those who have suggested that it is not possible nor agreeable to focus less than 4 hour per week on income generating projects or jobs that you find unpleasant needs to check their temperature.

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