5 Tips to Stop Wasting Time Making Decisions

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Everyone is afraid of “missing out” or being “left out.” We have too many choices and more options than every before.

This can lead to decision paralysis. After all, why make a choice now, if a better option may become available tomorrow.

Are you spending more time pondering decisions, than actually acting on them?

Wasting Time in Indecision

It’s easy to put off decisions.

You tell yourself that now isn’t the right time. Or you blame your indecision on the fact that more choices may be available later.

In most choices, you are only accountable to yourself. And it’s simple to let yourself off the hook.

Does this sound familiar? Are you giving yourself a pass to “not make decisions?”

The problem with indecision is that it doesn’t accomplish anything. It may avoid some accountability at the immediate moment, but you are simply putting off the choice. (Or in some cases, giving it up entirely.)

Some people waste a good portion of their lives in indecision.

By putting off a decision, you are actually making a choice not to act.

You need to make decisions instead of putting them off.
You need to be decisive about your choices.
And you need to stop wasting time and start making choices every single day.

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