6 Crazy Furniture to Hang Your Hat and Coat

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Wherever you hang your hat (or coat), that’s your home. No modern dream home is complete without a dazzling, eye-catching coat rack – and there is plenty of options to choose from. Here are 18 coat racks that are unafraid to hang up traditional designs and do something a little more creative and unexpected. Lets furnish your room with these kind of crazy furniture!

1. The Ivy and Häkeln racks

Maybe you feel coat racks are too regimented and get in the way of your creative urges. In which case, why not try building one? The Ivy and Häkeln racks come in modular form, and it is up to you to decide how and where they spread out over your hallway. Wind them around your existing furniture, paint pictures, spell out rude words – it is completely up to you.

2. Dismembered Baby Doll Coat Rack

The gruesomely-named Dismembered Baby Doll Coat Rack doesn’t seem content to wait for your coat – it is reaching out to snatch it from your grasp. This is not a piece of furniture to accidentally put your hands on when the lights are off, unless you are of a highly serene disposition.

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