7 Strong Types of Wood Joints Worth Knowing

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Wood joinery, as the term implies, refers to joining pieces of timber or lumber to create other structures. Crafting wood joints has its origins in antiquity—the dovetail joint, for instance, was used by ancient Egyptian sarcophagus builders—and the process remains essential to constructing or assembling many types of wood projects and fine furniture.

The hallmark of skilled woodworking is the ability to create tight wood joints, where the edges blend seamlessly, making two joined pieces look like a single piece. To successfully create most types of wood joints, you’ll need to make precise cuts. This requires correct usage of two basic woodworking tools: a jig and a fence. A jig guides cutting tools, such as saw blades or router bits, to ensure multiple precision cuts, while a fence is the rigid, straight edge on a power saw used to brace the material being cut.

If you’re serious about gaining woodworking skills, take the time to master the seven sturdy types of wood joints listed here. After all, the stronger the joints, the more long-lasting the results! You may have to practice some more than others, but once you learn them, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to tackle virtually any woodworking project.

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