Bodybuilding vs Crossfit: Here is everything you need to know

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The first thing that comes to mind of a bodybuilder, when you debate with them about crossfit, is #crossfitfailvideos on YouTube. Similarly, the first thing that comes to mind of a crossfitter, when you debate with them about bodybuilders, is brute, vain and chicken legs. Fitness enthusiasts are usually divided into two tribes that are a) Bodybuilding b) crossfit. And this makes us wonder, which one is better and which is one better suited to you? Well, we can help. Here is your complete guide decoding bodybuilding vs crossfit.

Bodybuilding in a nutshell

The focus of bodybuilding is on growth and development of your muscles. The aim is to reduce body fat as much as possible and then add muscle mass. It focuses on the development of each body part. Every part is worked individually, from shoulders to calves. Bodybuilding tends to deliver the best results, if you are focused on proportionate and aesthetic appearance of your body. The process of bodybuilding is a lengthy procedure. In order to achieve your results, you need to be patient and dedicated to a certain regimen.

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