Conflict At Work: Resolve To Stop Wasting Time

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How you handle conflict at work determines your culture, productivity and overall business sustainability.

Conflict is part of human nature, and part of any company’s day-to-day work reality. Conflict between departments, among teams, between people is part of everyone’s daily experience. How companies and people deal with conflict at work is what separates good companies from great companies, good teams from mediocre teams and sustainable businesses from companies with a grim future.

Good conflict resolves into a common respect, agreement on a way forward, and a shortcut to lessen the chance of the same conflict arising again. Good conflict takes practice, will, and confidence.

Bad conflict often goes unaddressed, festering right below the surface, or even very out loud, and often results in a victor and at least one loser. Bad conflict is energy-draining, inefficient and a huge time and results-suck on any team. In my experience, bad conflict usually yields more conflict, which turns into a never-ending mess of inefficiency and waste.

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