Creative DIY Chess Set Made from Nuts and Bolts

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Breakdown of Pawns and Pieces

Now, for any of you who actually know anything about chess, you’ll already know that pawns are called pawns and the rest of the army are called pieces. Why? I’m not sure, but that’s the deal.

Now, onto the nuts and bolts.

If you don’t mind having hardware around the house, I’d just opt for the small packs of each kind. They can come in handy for common household fixes, or for spare chess parts. But it can get pretty expensive.

Keep in mind that for this project, you’ll want to get brass-colored for one side, and regular shiny silver (zinc) ones for the other side, so split everything in half and you’ll be good. That means it might be better to go solo and skip the multi-packs. Unless you plan on painting your white or black army, then it doesn’t matter.

If you already have most of these, good for you. You’re a step ahead.

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