The Reason Why Creating Shabby Chic Garden Furniture for Summer

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Summer’s well and truly over…

And, as a result of all that heavy usage, your furniture is looking worse for wear. The sun bathing, lotion, wine stains and barbecue smoke have really taken their toll on your lovely garden table and chairs.

And, now that winter is coming, your furniture will probably get soaked through in the rain, snow and hail…
So what can you do?
We suggest upcycling your old furniture with a lick of paint.
“Why bother?”, you ask.
Well, here are 5 reasons why you should paint your garden furniture with Shabby Chic, ready for next Summer:

1) Achieve a fresh new look for your garden.

Painting your old chairs will bring an entirely new look to your garden. With our wonderful selection of colours you could even match your furniture to the flowers that will bloom next year.

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