Woodworking Project: How to Make DIY Wooden Toy Bins

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I’ve been working on de-cluttering in our house over the last month or so; it’s crazy how much stuff you can accumulate in no time at all! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all the things we have and I’ve been slowly trying to pare down what we own. I know it will make our home and lives feel more peaceful and calm, not to mention make picking up and cleaning a lot easier, as the less you have, the less you have to clean!

One of the biggest struggles/complaints I have as a parent (and probably a lot of parents have!) is the overwhelming toy situation! I swear the toys in our house somehow multiply at night; I’m always finding toys that I have no idea when & how they became “our” toys. Trying to maintain some sort of order, when the boys are constantly messing up any “system” I come up with can be frustrating! But I know it’s important to keep at it and keep working with them to teach them how to keep things somewhat neat, so that hopefully one day I won’t feel like I spend most of my day picking up after them!

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